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If you have been conscious about your buying decisions, then you will realize that most of your buying decisions are made with information you have on different things. You might make a buying decisions based on something you heard among your friends, or because someone else described their experience and you liked it. More so, you could make a buying decision based on the glowing reviews the product has garnered on a consumer centered magazine like the consumer report. This magazine has been helping consumers arrive at buying decisions for years and is still relevant today.

In an age where near every good or service can be bought online, consumers look through different digital information to make a snappy decision of buying whatever they want. Reviews, expert demonstrations, customer reviews, influential bloggers, and magazines play their part in this.

It is however important to note that although the above things happen, there are a few industries that are closed to the consumers. It is much harder for the consumers to find a suitable provider because of lack or inadequate consumer information to base decisions on.

That is why has been created to cater for the needs of the students who spend money with essay writing companies that have closed, zero customer review e-commerce platforms.

Why we launched this website

The major reason why was launched was to help the consumers make good buying decisions based on real information from real customers. We arrived at this decision after realizing that despite there being millions of custom essay writing companies online, there were just a handful of websites that reviewed these services, a situation that puts the consumers at risk. In addition to that, we also wanted to help consumers find all the information they needed about a given company in one place such that they no longer had to run to multiple websites and forums to get reviews.

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How it works is essentially a reviews website that draws its content from two main users. The first sets of reviews come from real customers that spend money on essay writing company website. These buyers have an opinion and we make it our job to take, analyze and rank their ratings for a list of competent, favorably rated essay writing companies.

In addition, we also asked out experts to audit each company. We take the summary they write to show our users what each essay writing company is about.